Working With Young People

Working with children and young people facing challenges in achieving their full potential 

Chris and her k9 project dogs are available for a limited number of canine assisted learning  programmes each term. The programmes are flexible in nature and can be adapted for students with statements of special education needs. Programmes are usually delivered one session a week of  1.5- 2 hours. We come to you or you bring students to one of our community venues.

K9 Confidence

A 6- 10 week group programme designed for children and young people lacking in confidence – a combination of personal development ,goal setting, and hands on work with the dogs. Working with the dogs increases focus, movement, participation .This programme has a great track record  of quickly and visibly building confidence  in primary and secondary age students, and can be undertaken in tandem with local Youth Awards .

Take the Lead

A 6 -12 week programme designed for the older school age or college student – 15 +. This can be delivered in a group or individually.  Here the focus is on goal setting, thinking about the future, taking steps, recognising skills, developing self awareness  and can include presentation and interview skills.  If taken in a 12 week course or combined with other learning the ASDAN   Leadership Award can be taken in a group setting. If delivered individually and the student is able to work independently then the ASDAN Animal Care Award  can be achieved.

Walk your worries away

A dog walking group designed for young people struggling with mental health difficulties.  The group takes  place outside in nature, walking and talking  in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Dog phobia work

Chris and her dogs have had great success helping with dog phobias. 7 year old Jessica who used to panic and run across the road if she saw a small dog in the distance , Jack who at 21 with Learning Difficulties was petrified  Chris’s creative approach an help people get over their fears, enhancing their confidence in other areas of their life as well as reducing or eliminating their fear of dogs.

Paws for thought

Our latest programme currently in development.   Young people, Dogs  and ADHD. Contact us if you would be interested in learning more about this 6 week  programme focussed on understanding ADHD and finding the strengths within it.  This is currently being piloted and after consultation and some rewriting will be available individually or as a small group work programme.

Youth Work

In addition K9 have won several youth work awards and can work with you to design a bespoke youth group project focussed on whatever you need.

Feedback from young people


“Thank you for taking the time to come and talk and teach us all about dogs. I have found it really interesting and benefiting. My favourite dogs are all of them- because they are all different and unique and I have gotten over my fear of dogs since I met you and your dogs.” Stephanie -Louise

“ I was in  a dark place and Billy showed me the light”  Tyler

“ Dear Chris I’d just like to say a big thank you for letting me come to your group. First few times I come I was nervous about being around dogs but you’ve made that all change. Thank you for everything .“  Saffron

“Thank you for coming to our school I really enjoyed it . My favourite week was working with Izzy and how I had to learn to plan ahead before I worked with her. I have learnt alot about dog safety . I hope to see you back next year.” Keelan.

“Since I have been coming here I have got so much more confidence” ( Tia) “ Yes she has you can tell even when she is walking round school and in class she is more different” ( Jack)

“I love Cassie She just ‘is’!” Alex

“I can’t really explain how much this group has helped me! But it has.” Sarah

“I’m really going to miss this group. It is the best part of the week.” Steven.