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Chris has always enjoyed writing creatively herself and appreciating the writing of others. Most of her professional life has writing- be it reports or investigations, or developing creative training and workshop solutions for a range of professionals. Finally in 2017 she has her first book published by Hubble and Hattie, titled “Hounds who Heal” it tells the story of the K9 Project - most especially the 6 ex-shelter dogs who have led and steered the projects development, as well as sharing their lives with Chris. The book also tells the stories of many of the children and adults worked with along the way. Reviews are in and they are very positive. The book is available on Amazon (see 'link' on the right).

Chris’s second book was co-authored with Marie Yates (social entrepreuner and the skilled author of the Dani Moore Trilogy) and is published by Love Learning from Dogs -  To find out more, visit

or to buy the book, click the 'link' on the right.

Chris’s current book project has the working title of K9 Café Connections, and is a collaboration with local East Cambridgeshire photographer Andy Wright celebrating the work of the café and the power of the bond between people and their dogs, especially those who are vulnerable and socially isolated. It is hoped we can also underpin this with a photographic exhibition, an art workshop, and maybe a video too!

Chris is also developing “Paws for Thought “ an original groupwork programme for children and young people with ADHD and their parents. This programme is getting fabulous feedback and results - again sign up for the newsletter for up to date information, as she hoped to make this available to other professionals in due course once it has been evaluated in more detail.


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Hounds who Heal
by Chris Kent
Telling the story of each of the dogs, and many of the people they helped along the way, you ll also learn from the people whose lives have been transformed, and from Chris Kent, founder of this unique project, as she describes the laughter, frustration, joy, and tears of the Project's eight-year journey. Discover how the very special dogs of the K9 Project have shaped so many lives.

The Power of the Human-Canine Bond
by Chris Kent and Marie Yates

Written in an engaging, humorous and informative way you can work through this book at your own pace. It designed to be short, easily accessible and a means to quickly deciding if your idea can be turned into a Canine Partnership for Personal Development Business. The book includes case studies from leading individuals and organisations already working in this field.