For as long as I can remember I have loved to read, and write. One goes with the other really. I have also always loved dogs. So what could be better than to read, and write about dogs. After years of writing and developing training programmes I thought it was time to focus on something a little more creative – so welcome to my non fiction book page.

The novel is still in the formative stage !

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Hounds Who Heal

After the first five years of running the K9 Project I thought there were a lot of great stories to be told. Stories about both the amazing dogs, and the fabulous people we worked with. So, I wrote my first book!

Hounds Who Heal was generously published by Hubble and Hattie. It tells the stories of the dogs who have worked on the project, as well as the people they have helped. Some of those people have written their own chapters. This was a great honour for me as it is not always easy to tell your own story.

A celebration of both the human and canine spirit

The book is a celebration of both the human and canine spirit and what can happen when we work together in creative ways. The book received amazing reviews and is available to buy here from Amazon 

Book Reviews

“Extraordinary, powerful and Compassionate” -Carley Phillips Dog Training Weekly.

“Every so often, there is a book that you find so enjoyable and enthralling that you don’t want it to come to an end. This book is definitely one of those! Chris Kent eloquently tells the story of how the K9 Project came to be. This unique venture has seen Chris and her family of rescue dogs help to turn around the lives of those struggling on life’s journey. The story of how the K9 Project developed and its continued success is both uplifting and inspirational, told in Chris’ warm and engaging style. There are chapters devoted to the dogs themselves, as well as to the people they have helped. The canine star of the project, Cassie, has her own chapter, and Chris’ love and admiration for each of the dogs stones through. They each have their own unique and sometimes sad stories as do the people who have found their lives transformed thanks to the work of Chris and her amazing canine therapists! I found myself both laughing and crying at various points in the book. There are some super photos too. For anyone who believes dogs can help people on many ways, this book is definitely an essential read. I really loved it and will certainly read it again.” –Dogs Monthly

“Hounds Who Heal is an exploration of nurturing positive interactions between two unique species, Dogs and humans have evolved and travelled together since the Pleistocene Ice Age, 36,000 years ago. Chris believes in continuing the evolution and adaption of this unique relationship in the Anthropocene’s high tech world. Hounds Who Heal explores an educational strategy that empowers dogs and people to interact, to enhance and to enrich each other. This book is an educational tool box of ideas for those who believe in dogs and people merging together and gaining wisdom and strength from each other. “–Geelong Obedience Dog Club

“It’s a well known fact that dog owners tend to be healthier and happier than people who don’t own dogs. In fact, dogs have the ability to change people’s lives for the better. Hounds Who Heal is the charming new book by Chris Kent who founded the K9 Project, an organisation that helps disadvantaged and troubled youngsters. Chris started her career working as a probation officer. During this time she also found the time to re-home an assortment of rescue dogs with the help of her husband Kevin. The K9 Project was created after Chris cared for Miles aged 15 who had spent his life in and out of the care system. Miles was certainly a challenge, displaying aggressive behaviour and generally throwing his weight around. However, Miles was shocked when he saw Ruby, a Staffie-cross, bully several other dogs owned by Chris. Watching this act of over-excited dog play helped Miles understand the effects of bullying and he resolved to change his own behaviour. And so the K9 Project was born. Throughout this book we discover just how many young lives have been enriched by the healing power of dogs. The book also includes some lovely photos of both the dogs and youngsters who have benefited from the amazing work of Chris and the K9 Project. Hounds Who Heal is a lovely read, and shows us just how special the bond between humans and dogs really is”. –Pet Owners Association

K9 Connections is a beautiful acknowledgement of the bond between people and their dogs – celebrated in story, verse, and photographs.

Contributors include

All the stories and poems were written by people who live in Cambridgeshire, who are visitors to the K9 Cafe, or who are known to The K9 Project.

Beautifully designed by Cara Thurlbourn (of You Me and ADHD fame), with an introduction by Chris, an endorsement by the current Mayor of Ely (Michael Rouse)  and an outpouring of love and creativity from the contributors.

The book is available direct from Chris price £9.99 in full colour


The Power of the Human-Canine Bond

The Power of the Human-Canine Bond- co authored with Marie Yates- (founder of Canine Perspective CIC, Author of the Danni Moore Trilogy, and Social Entrepreneur) is the result of lots of people saying ” I want to do what you do”.

So we thought we’d write a book to help them do just that- but in their own style of course.

We wanted to write a book which would ask all the questions, (and provide a few of the answers) to all the thoughts and queries that run through a busy mind full of exciting ideas.

If you want to run your own social business, and incorporate dogs into your programme- then this book is invaluable in helping you work your way through the process.

Available from our resources page.


“People often say the Country is going to the dogs. Whilst they are being critical, they are unwittingly endorsing this very useful little book. You see we all love dogs and as you will read, a business that uses dogs to deliver social change is a very good idea indeed! If you’ve wondered how to combine your love of dogs with your quest to change the world, then start reading right now.” (Robert Ashton, The Barefoot Entrepreneur)

“The School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) is excited to see one of their fellows, Marie Yates, working with a trailblazer in the world of working with dogs to create social change, Chris Kent. Their partnership marks an exciting time for the development of pioneering social business and their book is a gem that will support anyone who wants to work with dogs to build their own Canine Partnership for Personal Development (CPPD) Business. The methods and processes explored in the book offer a unique canine twist on starting your own social business and is as inspiring as it is innovative”. (The School of Social Entrepreneurs)

“Taking time to read this book is going to save me so much time (and stress) in the future. Thanks so much Chris and Marie, you’ve inspired me not to give up! I’m going to make real change.” Becca Bryant – Founder of Pet related businesses and Amazon Reader. 

You, Me and ADHD

“Written by Izzy Dog, of K9 Project fame, with a little bit of help from her human, Chris Kent; You, Me & ADHD is pure genius.”

Written by Izzydog, and now available on Amazon:

Getting great 5 star reviews.

“This book is brilliant. My son is 7 and had ADHD. Recently hes begun asking what it means and has started to feel more isolated and self conscious about having what I said. He read this tonight and I could instantly see his face lighten. He particularly enjoyed picked words to describe himself and the concept of it it being his own superpower. I love this and its really helping me explain too. Hes going to enjoy the activities in this book. Finally something for young children with ADHD to help them identify and feel special. Thank you!” JS Parent.