For the past 25 years I have been coaching professionals, offering team building events and activities, and designing and delivering workshops and training programmes for those working with troubled teenagers and their families.

I have now developed a new range of workshops and coaching and mentoring packages.  Check out the information below to learn more.


I have been where you are. I had the spark of an idea, amazing dogs to share with others. I have had the privilege of seeing the impact of dogs on others through my many projects. I knew that there was enormous potential in my ideas and dreamt of creating a way to make the dreams a reality.

Where to start? The process can seem daunting initially! I can help you !

I have worked with lots of people who wanted to turn their dreams into a reality, both within the field of animal assisted interventions, and other awesome projects, over many years and in different fields.

I now offer a mix of coaching and mentoring, and based on client feedback have developed several coaching packages.- Initiator, Motivator and Developer – lasting between 1 -6 months. I offer a free half hour video meeting to allow the opportunity of ensuring we are a good match – you need to get maximum benefit from the sessions.

If you would rather not start with this level of support, you can read my book (co written with Marie Yates, author, visionary and social entrepreneur) and be taken through a process of developing your business in your own time. To purchase contact me

Click here to book your free initial session and get started with those plans!


I offer a number of workshops designed to fit your requirements and your budget!

Staying Safe with Dogs is a one day workshop which can be delivered at your workplace,and is designed to be for staff who undertake home visits where there may be dogs. Sometimes when visiting peoples homes the dogs can be both a distraction and a limitation to undertaking your role effectively- especially if you are anxious!

This workshop will provide a quick understanding of dog body language, tips and techniques for keeping yourself safe in that situation, and graduated exposure to the chance to practice those techniques with live dogs! The workshop has unintentionally produced amazing results for people who have been dog phobic, as well as those who just feel a lower level of anxiety.

People leave the workshop with increased confidence and skills to manage their concerns.

“Today has been amazing- I have had all kinds of therapy- CBT amongst them- but this has helped so much! Thank you ”  Irina Health Visitor    

“I now feel like I can go and visit some of my families with all I need to take control of the situation and my anxiety around their dogs”. Sandra Family Worker.


Be more Dog

A  one day workshop designed to build emotional intelligence and resilience, based on lessons we can  learn from our amazing rescue dogs who have all experienced a shaky start, but approach each new day with enthusiasm. This new workshop can be developed for your specific needs-  and can cover self care,mindfulness, building resilience, valuing ourselves, setting boundaries….and so much more.

The Kidnapped Dog Challenge.

This workshop is a team building event using.yes you’ve guessed it rescuing a kidnapped dog as the basis for learning about ourselves and how we work within  our team. Successfully delivered to charity volunteers, staff teams, sixth forms and youth groups it provides a fun but insightful approach to working effectively together.  Delivered over  a half of full day , with the depth of learning adapted to your specific requirements.

“Oh my. This was so much fun! And I learnt so much. In future I will pay more attention to planning in advance! ” Mark- Charity volunteer.  

“I was so pleased at how much we laughed and learnt all at the same time- I am sure we will work together far more effectively now. ” Caroline – team Manager.