Providing educational programmes with a unique slant.

K9 Confidence

A 6 – 10 week group programme designed for children and young people lacking in confidence – a combination of personal development, goal setting, and hands on work with the dogs. Working with the dogs increases focus, movement, participation. This programme has a great track record of quickly and visibly building confidence in primary and secondary age students.

(“My life is just so much better miss, with these dogs in it.” James aged 10)

Take the Lead

A 6 -12 week programme designed for the older school age or college student (15+). This can be delivered in a group or individually. Here the focus is on goal setting, thinking about the future, taking steps, recognising skills, developing self awareness and can include presentation and interview skills. If taken in a 12 week course or combined with other learning, the ASDAN Leadership Award can be taken in a group setting. If delivered individually and the student is able to work independently then the ASDAN Animal Care Award can be achieved.
( “I never thought dogs could have so much to teach us. Its been fantastic”. Sam aged 21)

Walk your worries away

Dog walking designed for young people struggling to maintain emotional wellbeing due to life circumstances. This works well either individually or in a group. Basically we walk outdoors, in nature, somewhere different for the young people, away from usual pressures and concerns. This has worked well for anxiety, social isolation, and relationship issues, especially for those living in hostels or temporary accommodation, and for young people who are care leavers. The dogs provide the conduit for physical activity (proven to be beneficial) and relaxed, informal therapeutic conversations.

(“I would recommend this to everyone. Just keep doing what you’re doing Chris!” James aged 22)

Reducing Anxiety Around Dogs (RAAD)

We love to help people who are frightened around dogs, and love that we can be successful. Being scared of dogs is life limiting. Confidence boosted in this area, and skills taught here, can also have a huge impact on other areas of life. We have worked with all ages – 7 year old Jessica who used to panic and run across the road if she saw a small dog in the distance, Jack who at 21 with Learning Difficulties was petrified. Our creative approach can help people get over their fears, enhancing their ability to manage anxiety and increase confidence in other areas of their life as well as reducing,managing or eliminating their fear of dogs.

( “You built trust and made the sessions fun. You allowed my daughter to work at her own pace. We cant thank you enough -it has made our trips out and about so much  easier and relaxed.” Anna mum of 8 year old.)   

Paws for thought

Families, Dogs and ADHD. Delivered in partnership with local CAMH Teams and Family work/community teams. This group programme is delivered to parents and children together and provides a unique way to explore the strengths and skills within a child with ADHD as well as the challenges. The dogs, of course providing the inspiration! The feedback has been amazing This programme has been the basis of Izzys book too for more info here -link. We are grateful for the parents and children who helped with the pilot – giving feedback and helping us work out what really worked!! This programme has now also been adapted for family work.

( The involvement of the dogs made everything so much  easier. – I am a lot like Izzy – and I realised I can be lovable and crazy all at the same time!  David 10)